Glacier Sunset

Glacier Sunset

July 02, 2007 | Glacier National Park

This is the view from Swiftcurrent Lake at sunset. Illuminated is Mount Gould, one of the more famous peaks at Glacier National Park. And to its right is Grinnell Point.

If you look closely at Mount Gould (and the backside of the Garden Wall) you will see a black band running horizontally along the ridge. This black band was formed when magma surged up from the earth through the layers of rock, but came to a point that it could not break through. It instead flattened out like a pancake and was stuck. It's very interesting to see this mark throughout the park.

This site on Swiftcurrent Lake is also where Many Glacier Lodge sits. This beautiful, and quite old lodge, was built nearly a century ago to entice vacationers west. Frankly the lodge reminded me of The Shining.


Nikon D200

12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor

Shutter and f/stop
3.0 sec. @ f/20.0

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