Mount Rainier from Sunrise

Mount Rainier from Sunrise

August 11, 2007 | Mount Rainier National Park

This is beautiful Mount Rainier from the hillside of Sourdough Ridge near Sunrise Visitor Center. This area, in the northeast corner of the park was one of the least hit areas of the Winter 2006 storms. Only a few washouts, but nothing truly major.

I took this photo just in time as a storm bank was moving in from the coast. It was fascinating to watch the clouds slowly overtake the mountain. It was a process that took a few hours and we were curious to if it was ever going to succeed in finally taking it over. In the end it did succeed and Sunrise was swallowed by the clouds as it is so often.


Nikon D200

12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor

Shutter and f/stop
1/60 sec. @ f/16.0

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