March 13, 1997 | Seattle

My passion for photography started with this photograph more or less. My Dad took me to Seattle in 1997 or so because he had a business trip out there. I spent an entire day down at the market - we\\\'re talking from 6am through till 5pm-ish. It was an interesting experience and a little boring in all honesty. But in the end it was a good experience - I just spent the whole days taking photos with my Mom\\\'s Canon SLR that I borrowed.

During that day I developed a fascination with Pike Place Fish. It\\\'s kind of funny to say that, but I really did. I seriously considered moving out to Seattle after high school and working there and not going to school. But my conscious got the best of me...briefly. I got a job there during the spring of my Freshman year. It was a short job - lasted only a month - I got let go I think essentially because I didn\\\'t fit in. Kinda funny that I didn\\\'t get along with a bunch of drunk, drug addicts who piss into bags under their Gundens (there\\\'s another story).

Anyway, the dude in the photo is known as Bear. He\\\'s commonly the face of Pike Place Fish, although I haven\\\'t seen him for a while. He was a nice guy, but I never really interacted with him.


Canon EOS

28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto EF II USM Autofocus Lens

Shutter and f/stop
1/60 sec. @ f/5.6

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